Il problema dell'alimentazione elettrica per chi usa la bicicletta, sia nell'uso quotidiano che per viaggi di più giorni, sta diventando sempre più impegnativo. Serve sempre più energia elettrica non solo per illuminare la strada nelle buie ore della notte ma anche per alimentare il sempre crescente numero di dispositivi elettronici a cui non sappiamo più rinunciare. Questo sito vuole essere un primo passo per provare ad orientarsi nella non sempre facile scelta degli strumenti necessari per gestire in modo possibilmente autonomo le proprie necessità.

The electric power supply problem for people who like to cycle either in everyday use and along trips of several days, it's becoming increasingly challenging. More and more electricity is indeed required not only to illuminate the road in the dark hours of the night but also to feed the ever growing number of electronic devices that we can't live without. This site aims to be just a first step in the attempt to orientate the user in the not always easy commitment to choose the most appropriate tools.

CyclEEx & CyclEEx EXP

  CyclEEx ... aiming to total electrical "Self Sufficiency"   
  CyclEEx EXP ... specifically conceived to test CyclEEx performances  

CyclEEx EXP basic setup and associated equipment has been specifically designed to thoroughly test:
  • any cycle generator available on the market (e.g. hub dynamo, side-tyre dynamo, spoke dynamo, etc.) up to an equivalent of 100 km/h (i.e. 750 rpm approx. on a 28” wheel)
  • 14” to 28” dynamo equipped wheels
  • ac-dc energy converters
  • battery energy transfer efficiencies
  • photovoltaic panels 
CyclEEx EXP (overview)


                         CyclEEX EXP 3.0: HOW IT WORKS

CyclEEx: monitoring "power-in" and "power-out"

CyclEEx EXP: electric drive shaft alignment

Calibrated Resistances Patch Box preliminary tests

Resistances Patch Box high accuracy calibration phase
Calibrated Resistances Patch Box overview
CyclEEx EXP preliminary tests
CyclEEx EXP preliminary tests: waveform analysis
Bearing detail


The great family:
1. ZZING, AC/DC power converter with 2800 mAh built-in battery
2. Portapow Power Datalogger, up to 50V/5A/3 times per second sampling rate
3. Portapow USB Power Monitor, up to 7V/2.5A 

Portapow USB Power Monitor in operation

Portapow USB Power Monitor, up to 7V/2.5A

Portapow Power Datalogger, up to 50V/5A/3 times per second sampling rate